Letter from the Assistant Chief

Dear Applicant:

Laramie County Fire District #1 is a combination fire department comprised of 55-60 volunteer firefighters, three paid Captains, three paid Engineers, a paid Assistant Chief and a paid Fire Chief. The district covers approximately 160 square miles with a population of approx. 11,000 people and growing. The district responds to an average of 1800 +/- emergency calls per year. The majority of these calls are medical emergencies, therefore the district requests that all firefighters become certified at the Emergency Medical Responder level or higher along with achieving Firefighter 1 within the first year of membership.

The District currently has two command vehicles, four 1250 gpm engines, one 105' ladder truck, one 3500 gallon tender, four brush trucks and a medium sized rescue. We are also currently refurbishing old Rescue 2 from FDNY which will add the first heavy rescue to Wyoming.


Station 2 is located at the corner of Terry Ranch Road and Winchester Boulevard south of town. We will be adding a third station at the Archer Complex once sixth penny tax collection is complete within five years.

Fire District #1 adds personnel to its roster when the need arises but generally it takes place twice a year during March and September. Applicants will complete a written test, oral interview and basic firefighter agility test before being offered a position with the district. The district conducts its training and meetings on Thursday nights with a training day conducted one Saturday of each month. We expect all members to be at a very high, competent threshold regardless if they are paid or volunteer. Therefore, it is vital that volunteers attend training sessions and meetings. The minimum requirement is 48 hours at the station per month to maintain your membership. The district will provide you with the training, uniforms, reimbursement of certain expenses, workers compensation insurance, pension plan, and many other benefits. The district also will have activities through the year for families to attend.

I hope this letter provides useful information that will help you make the commitment to become a member of an exciting and rewarding profession. Please don't hesitate to contact myself, with the below information, or any other member of the department for any questions you might have.


Dillon Conner
Assistant Chief
207 East Allison Road
Cheyenne, WY 82007

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