County Chief 1

Chief 1 edited

2020 Ford F-250

Capabilities/Functions: Command, BLS Medical Supplies, AED

Support 1-1

2010 Chevrolet Silverado

Capabilities/Functions: Command, BLS Medical Supplies.

Engine 1-1

2003 Pierce Saber


Capabilities/Functions: 1500 GPM, 1,000 Gallons, T-N-T Extrication Tools, Air Bags, Rescue 42 Stabilization, Lighting, Thermal Imaging Camera, Q-Rae 4 Gas,  MultiRae Lite (HCN, PH3, SO2, CH4S, PID 10.6eV), (6) ToxiRae Pros (4-HCN, NH3, CL2), Test paper Kit (PH, K, F, M8),  K-12 Saw, Ladders, Ventilation, 1- 100' 1 3/4" Pre-Connect, 2- 200' 1 3/4" Pre-Connects, 200' 2 1/2" Pre-Connect, 6- Scott X3 air-packs with six spare cylinders.

Engine 1-3

1995 Pierce Saber

Capabilities/Functions: 1250 GPM, 500 Gallons, T-N-T Extrication Tools, Air Bags, Rescue 42 Stabilization, Lighting, Thermal Imaging Camera, Q-Rae 4 Gas, CGI Detector, K-12 Saw, Ladders, Ventilation, 6 - Scott X3 air-packs with six spare cylinders.

Previously Served as Denver Fire Department Engine 28

Proudly Refurbished By Captain Dave Hansjosten August 2016

Tender 1-2

2008 E-One International


Capabilities/Functions: 3,200 Gallons, 1,250 GPM, Vacuum Pump, 2 Fold-A-Tanks.


Rescue 1-2

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County Chief 1-2

2016 Ford Explorer

Capabilities/Functions: Command, Advanced EMT Medical Supplies, AED

Ladder 1-1

Ladder capitol pic.jpg

1995 Pierce Lancer


Capabilities/Functions: 105' Ladder Truck, 400 Gallons, 1,500 GPM, T-N-T Extrication Tools, BLS Medical Supplies, Ventilation, Ladders, 4- Scott X3 air-packs with four spare cylinders.

Engine 1-2

2003 Kenworth T300


Capabilities/Functions: 1250 GPM, 1000 Gallons, T-N-T Extrication Tools, CAFS, Command Lights, Thermal Imaging Camera, K-12 Saw, 1000'-LDH, 2- 200' 1 3/4" Pre-connects, 300'- 2 1/2", 5- Scott X3 air-packs with four spare cylinders.



Rescue 1-1

Brush 1-1

1992 Ford 880 


Capabilities/Functions: 500 Gallons, 500 GPM, 2- 100' Booster Reels, Wildland Tools, 3- Scott X3 air-packs.

Brush 1-3

2002 Pierce/International Midi Pumper 4X4

Capabilities/Functions: 500 Gallons, 500 GPM, Class A Foam,  Wildland Tools, Attack Line with Reel, Type 3 Apparatus Equipment Compliment

1996 Pierce Arrow


Capabilities/Functions: Paratech Interstate VSK Kit, Paratech Lifting Bags, Paratech PAK Hammer, CMC Rope Rescue Team Rigging Kit, Vortex Tri-Pod, SKED Rescue System, TNT Heavy Duty Extrication Tools, Turtle Cribbing B-Kit, Confined Space Rescue Equipment, (2) Ventilation Fans, PIG Spill Kits, (4) 10' Spill Booms, (8) Scott X3 Air-Packs, Four Gas Detector, Test Paper Kit (PH, K, F, M8), TIC, Various Dimensional Lumber, Plywood, 15,000 lb Winch with Kit, Scene Lighting, Utility Air Compressor, Portable Band Saw, K-12 Saw, Chainsaw, Dewalt Power Tool Kit, Mechanic Tool Kit


Brush 1-2

1954 Military Kaiser 6x6

Capabilities/Functions: 1000 Gallons, 250 GPM, 1000 Gallon drop tank, Wildland Tools, Attack Line with Reel, Spray Bar

MS 343

Image Coming Soon.png

2007 Ford F-450

Road Rescue

Capabilites/Functions: Advanced Life Support (ALS) capable ambulance

MRV 1-1


2019 Polaris Ranger

Capabilities/Functions: 55 Gallons, 65GPM pump, 100' 3/4" booster line, wildland tools and fittings, stokes basket and off road patient transport

Drone 1-1


Matrice 210

Capabilities/Functions: Thermal imaging with XT2 and 30X zoom with Zenmuse Z30, Mapping and Manual flights, air monitoring, radiation detection