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County Chief 1

Chief 1 edited

2020 Ford F-250

Capabilities/Functions: Command, BLS Medical Supplies, AED

Support 1-1

2010 Chevrolet Silverado

Capabilities/Functions: Command, BLS Medical Supplies.

Engine 1-1

2003 Pierce Saber


Capabilities/Functions: 1500 GPM, 1,000 Gallons, T-N-T Extrication Tools, Air Bags, Rescue 42 Stabilization, Lighting, Thermal Imaging Camera, Q-Rae 4 Gas,  MultiRae Lite (HCN, PH3, SO2, CH4S, PID 10.6eV), (6) ToxiRae Pros (4-HCN, NH3, CL2), Test paper Kit (PH, K, F, M8),  K-12 Saw, Ladders, Ventilation, 1- 100' 1 3/4" Pre-Connect, 2- 200' 1 3/4" Pre-Connects, 200' 2 1/2" Pre-Connect, 6- Scott X3 air-packs with six spare cylinders.

Engine 1-3

1995 Pierce Saber

Capabilities/Functions: 1250 GPM, 500 Gallons, T-N-T Extrication Tools, Air Bags, Rescue 42 Stabilization, Lighting, Thermal Imaging Camera, Q-Rae 4 Gas, CGI Detector, K-12 Saw, Ladders, Ventilation, 6 - Scott X3 air-packs with six spare cylinders.

Previously Served as Denver Fire Department Engine 28

Proudly Refurbished By Captain Dave Hansjosten August 2016

Tender 1-2

2008 E-One International


Capabilities/Functions: 3,200 Gallons, 1,250 GPM, Vacuum Pump, 2 Fold-A-Tanks.


Rescue 1-2

Rescue 1-2.jpg

1996 Pierce Arrow


Capabilities/Functions: Paratech Interstate VSK Kit, Paratech Lifting Bags, Paratech PAK Hammer, CMC Rope Rescue Team Rigging Kit, Vortex Tri-Pod, SKED Rescue System, TNT Heavy Duty Extrication Tools, Turtle Cribbing B-Kit, Confined Space Rescue Equipment, (2) Ventilation Fans, PIG Spill Kits, (4) 10' Spill Booms, (8) Scott X3 Air-Packs, Four Gas Detector, Test Paper Kit (PH, K, F, M8), TIC, Various Dimensional Lumber, Plywood, 15,000 lb Winch with Kit, Scene Lighting, Utility Air Compressor, Portable Band Saw, K-12 Saw, Chainsaw, Dewalt Power Tool Kit, Mechanic Tool Kit


Brush 1-2

1954 Military Kaiser 6x6

Capabilities/Functions: 1000 Gallons, 250 GPM, 1000 Gallon drop tank, Wildland Tools, Attack Line with Reel, Spray Bar

MS 343

Image Coming Soon.png

2007 Ford F-450

Road Rescue

Capabilites/Functions: Advanced Life Support (ALS) capable ambulance

Support 1-2

2016 Ford Explorer

Capabilities/Functions: Command, Advanced EMT Medical Supplies, AED

Ladder 1-1

Ladder capitol pic.jpg

1995 Pierce Lancer


Capabilities/Functions: 105' Ladder Truck, 400 Gallons, 1,500 GPM, T-N-T Extrication Tools, BLS Medical Supplies, Ventilation, Ladders, 4- Scott X3 air-packs with four spare cylinders.

Engine 1-2

2003 Kenworth T300


Capabilities/Functions: 1250 GPM, 1000 Gallons, T-N-T Extrication Tools, CAFS, Command Lights, Thermal Imaging Camera, K-12 Saw, 1000'-LDH, 2- 200' 1 3/4" Pre-connects, 300'- 2 1/2", 5- Scott X3 air-packs with four spare cylinders.



Rescue 1-1


2002 Salsbury Typhoon II Heavy Rescue

Capabilities/Functions: Oxylance rapid torch system, Heavy rigging compliment, Paratech VSK kit, Extensive composite cribbing compliment, Paratech Air Hammer 40, Maxilift air bags, Ajax tool, Vehicle caster jacks, full extinguisher compliment, swift water rescue team kit, ice rescue team kit, T-N-T Heavy hydraulic compliment, PAPR breathing systems, Scott X3 Pro SCBA (8), K-12 Saw, chain saw, light tower, on board genrator, FLIR thermal imaging camera,  Search camera, Delsar sonic locating system, Dewalt power tool kit, portable radio charging banks. 

Brush 1-1


2020 Ford F-550 Cascade Striker


Capabilities/Functions: 300 Gallons, High pressure pump, 2- 100' Booster Reels, Wildland Tools, spray bars, integrated foam system.

Brush 1-3


2002 Pierce/International Midi Pumper 4X4

Capabilities/Functions: 500 Gallons, 500 GPM, Class A Foam,  Wildland Tools, Attack Line with Reel, Type 3 Apparatus Equipment Compliment

MRV 1-1


2019 Polaris Ranger

Capabilities/Functions: 55 Gallons, 65GPM pump, 100' 3/4" booster line, wildland tools and fittings, stokes basket and off road patient transport

Drone 1-1


Matrice 210

Capabilities/Functions: Thermal imaging with XT2 and 30X zoom with Zenmuse Z30, Mapping and Manual flights, air monitoring, radiation detection

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